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Interview with Vicky Zadeh CEO of RakutenFitsMe on the role Fit and Size play in online apparel commerce

In this interview I spoke with Vicky Zadeh CEO of RakutenFitsMe which helps e-commerce retailers offer Fit and Size information to their shoppers.

NRF 2018 Interview with Kelly Goetsch, CPO of commercetools on Low-Code, No-Code and the Cloud decision for retailers

In this interview from the podcast booth at the NRF Big Show 2018 in New York I spoke with Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer of commercetools on the newer software development methodologies known as Low-Code, No-Code and also a good conversation on the Cloud decision for retailers, and a big question re. Walmart's in a connected world.

Podcast interview with CEO Eitan Sharon on shopping bots and future of Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce

In this podcast interview I speak with CEO Eitan Sharon on shopping bots and future of Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce and retail.

How Europe's Payment Innovations Work with the US Consumer. Interview with Klarna US CEO Jim Lofgren

In this interview at the 2017 conference in LA I spoke with Jim Lofgren, US CEO of payment tech company Klarna.

Interview with Episerver on Digital Commerce Transformation and using Microsoft Azure cloud services

In this interview I spoke with Ed Kennedy, commerce strategist at Episerver, a unified commerce and content personalization software vendor. 2017 interview with Kelly Goetsch, CPO of commercetools on the API ecosystem and Serverless Commerce

In this interview at the 2017 conference podcast booth in Los Angeles, CA I spoke with Kelly Goetsch Chief Product Officer of commercetools about the Serverless Commerce concept, the API revolution in software and Microservices.  This episode is longer than my typical interviews but the topic is of utmost importance (perhaps the most important) in retail technologies so well deserving of the additional time.

What's new in Retail POS. Interview with Brad Tracy of HP

In this interview I spoke with Brad Tracy head or POS at HP as we discuss the new product release.

Interview with Ryan Craver about the retail earnings and future of global commerce

In this interview I spoke with repeat guest Ryan Craver, SVP at Lamour Group about the latest trends in retail business, ecommerce leaders' financial reports and a lot of other, very interesting topics.

How VR is Changing Retail in the Back Office. Interview with InContext CEO Mark Hardy

Listen to my interview with Mark Hardy, CEO of InContext working on adding efficiencies to Retail back-office operations using Virtual Reality (VR).

How Design Thinking merges with creating retail experiences that work! Interview with Infor's Hook&Loop Head of Experience Nunzio Esposito

Listen to the great conversation with Nunzio Esposito, head of experience at Hook&Loop, a design agency inside Infor.

Interview with Reflektion CMO, Kurt Heinemann on personalized and integrated commerce experiences

In this interview I spoke with Interview Kurt Heinemann, CMO of Reflektion on personalized and integrated commerce experiences.

How B2C Innovation Is Driving The B2B Sales Tech, Interview With Lead Genius CEO Prayag Narula

In this interview I spoke with LeadGenius CEO cofounder and CEO Prayag Nayar about how innovations in consumer ecommerce are guiding B2B sales technologies transform.

How to deliver content quickly and prevent DDOS attacks - interview with Jason Miller Chief Strategist of Commerce at Akamai Technologies

In this interview I spoke with Jason Miller Chief Strategist of Commerce at Akamai Technologies about how Akamai helps retailers deliver content faster, and protect their properties from malicious attacks.

On the intricacies of B2B commerce platforms. Interview with Jason Woosley SVP of Product and Technology at Magento

In this interview I spoke with Jason Woosley SVP of Product and Technology at Magento about the new B2B platform capabilities launched at the Imagine conference.

The state of online Ratings and Reviews - interview with Bazaarvoice

In this interview at the eTail West 2017 conference I spoke with Kelly Davis-Felner Director of Client Marketing at Bazaarvoice about how online ratings and reviews have evolved in the last few years and the new services Bazaarvoice is providing customers.

What is Honest Finance? Interview with Affirm SVP Len Eschweiler

In this interview I speak with Len Eschweiler SVP or retail at Affirm, a company which is re-inventing the way consumer finance works.

Q1 2017 Retail Tech Funding Report. Interview with CB Insights analyst Zoe Leavitt

In this interview I spoke with CB Insights analyst Zoe Leavitt about the new report they published on the Q1 2017 retail tech funding picture.

How Smart is your Cart? An Interview with Smart Commerce CEO Jennifer Silverberg

In this interview I spoke with Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of Smar Commerce a company building tools for CPG brands to optimize the carts on their ecommerce channels.

How to make in-store financing easy! Interview with Blispay CEO Greg Lisiewski

In this interview at the eTail West 2017 conference in Palm Springs I met with Greg Lisiewski CEO of Blispay, a company making in-store financing easy for shoppers and retailers.

The new Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Interview with VP of Commerce Strategy Rob Garf

At this interview at the Shoptalk 2017 conference I spoke with Rob Garf, VP of commerce strategy at Salesforce.

How do retailers make use of Data? Interview with Steve Wellen COO of Domo

In this Retail Tech Podcast interview I spoke with Steve Wellen COO of Domo, a business intelligence company helping clients make sense of data in useful, actionable formats.

On the power of interconnected services on mobile - interview with Button CRO Mike Dudas

In this interview I spoke with Mike Dudas cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer of Button, a company that is helping retailers realize the power of mobile by allowing seamless interconnected services to complimentary and relevant products.

Interview with Fujitsu Head of Retail Business Marc Janssens at NRF17 on new announcements in Retail and CPG.

In this interview at the NRF17 show I spoke with Marc Janssens, head of the Retail business at Fujitsu America, Inc. about his take on the future of the store and how Fujitsu is innovating to fill in the gaps for retailers.

Interview with Gil Penchina about Object Oriented Capital, funding terms, ecommerce and retail investment

In this interview I spoke with Gil Penchina, the largest AngelList syndicate lead and partner in a couple of other early stage VC firms about his concept of Object Oriented Capital and other points on how entreprenuers can work with Angel investors and Venture Capitalists.

How to see into the Future of Retail - NRF17 interview with GDR Creative Intelligence CEO Kate Ancketill

In this interview at the NRF 2017 big show in New York I spoke with Kate Ancketill, CEO and Will Seymour, senior consultant at GDR Creative Intelligence.

What is an End-End, Cloud-Based Suite of Enterprise Retail Applications? NRF17 Interview with Erick Rowe, VP of strategy at Infor Retail

In this NRF 2017 interview I spoke with Erick Rowe, VP of industry strategy at Infor Retail, a recently added micro-vertical suite of applications for the Retail industry.

How to optimize physical retail with In-store Analytics - Interview with RetailNext

In this interview at the NRF17 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Arun Nair, cofounder and CTO of RetailNext about in-store analytics and other factors of physical retail.

What are Prescriptive Analytics? Interview with Profitect CEO Guy Yehiav

In this interview at the NRF17 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Guy Yehiav CEO of Profitect, a company providing a service called Prescriptive Analytics to retailers.

How to convert customers at the Highest Possible Value - Interview with Radial

In this interview at the NRF17 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Stefan Weitz, Chief Product and Strategy officer of Radial, the supply chain and software provider to retailers.

What is commerce-as-a-service? Interview with commercetools US

In this interview I spoke with Art Lawida, president of commercetools US on the state of enterprise commerce software and what is the future of Commerce-as-a-Service (or as I call it "Commerce-as-a-micro-Service")

Bringing In-Store Promotions into the Connected Age - Interview with Interactions Marketing

In this interview at the NRF17 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Bharat Rupani, president of Interactions Marketing a leading retail event marketing company about how technology is affecting his business.

Going from Data to Action using SAP's new HANA technology

In this interview at the NRF 2017 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Randy Evins Senior Principal IVE SAP Food Drug & Convenience at SAP Retail about how he works with retailers.

On Social Management Platforms, Interview with Sprinklr at NRF17

In this interview at the NRF 2017 retail show I spoke with Josh Teitelman, AVP of Social Commerce Solutions, Sprinklr on enterprise social management and engagement.

What is Masterpass? An interview with Mastercard EVP Linda Kirkpatrick at NRF17

In this interview at the NRF 2017 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Linda Kirkpatrick, EVP of market development for Mastercard US about their payment platform Masterpass and the mobile payments landscape.

Thoughts on NRF Retail's Big Show 2017

In this episode I spoke with Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer or commercetools about his take on this year's NRF Retail's Big Show in New York which just closed on Jan 17th.  

Retail industry insiders start the year on right by attending The NRF Retail's Big Show

In this interview I discussed the content planned for the NRF 2017 Retail's Big Show with the VP of educational strategies Eric Olson.  The Retail's Big show is coming up on Jan 15th at the Javitz convention center in New York.

Looking beyond the obvious at the Amazon Flying warehouse patent - a discussion with Zoe Leavitt of CB Insights

I spoke with Zoe Leavitt a retail tech analyst at CB Insights regarding her recent discovery of the Amazon flying warehouse patent and other things Amazon.

How to efficiently manage enterprise SCM changes, interview with Panaya

In this interview I spoke with Rafi Kretchmer, VM marketing at Panaya a company focused on helping enterprise clients using Oracle and SAP ERP run a more agile operation.

Optimizing the Purchase-Path for online and physical retail, interview with Sagarmatha

In this interview I speak with Chen Katz of Sagarmatha on how they help retailers optimize marketing and purchase path conversion.

Why and how retailers and brands should sell on Amazon - interview with Will Tjernlund

In this interview I spoke with Will Tjernlund, a seasoned Amazon seller and expert consultant about why and how retailers and brands should consider Amazon.

How is transitioning into microservices

In this interview I spoke with Nick Jordan, an engineering leader at the UK online store about their transition MSA, the microservices architecture.

Cracking the Retail Code - an interview with RetailXelerator founder Rick Rommel

In one of my final interviews of 2016, I spoke with Rick Rommel, founder of the scale-stage retail accelerator program RetailXelerator about how they help startups and insights navigating the retail waters.

How Amazon Go can impact retail - an interview with RetailNext

Listen to this dicsussion with RetailNext director of Marketing Bridget Johns as we discuss the new Amazon Go stores and how it could impact local retailers specially grocery.

How does a local loyalty platform work? Interview with Thanx CEO Zach Goldstein

In this interview I speak with Zach Goldstein Founder and CEO of Thanx, a loyalty platform for local, bricks-and-mortar retailers. We discuss the challenges retailers face and how they can get a leg up on e-commerce by focusing on loyalty.

Do you know how your API's are performing? An interview with API Fortress

In this interview I spoke with Patrick Poulin CEO and founder of API Fortress where they help companies stay on top of their API's.

Accelerator Interview with Gener8tor's Troy Vosseller on funding and startup services

In this interview I spoke with Troy Vosseller the co-founder of Gener8tor, an early stage accelerator about how their program works and how they help retail startups.

Does the Truth really sell? Interview with Feelter on retail social intelligence.

In this interview I spoke with Smadar Landau and Saar Szekely of Feelter a company with solutions that helps retailers and shoppers put the truth into online interactions.

How one of Europe's top e-commerce compnies is transitioning into Microservices

In this interview I spoke with Rodrigue Schafer one of the heads of Engineering at Zalando, a leading e-commerce company in Europe about their journey into becoming a Microservices (MSA) organization.

Interview with Haitham Ghadiry of HighJump on retail supply chain innovation

In this interview I spoke with Haitham Ghadiry VP of sales at HighJump software on retail supply chain innovation. Supply chain is at the heart of any retailer, specially omni-channel operations and we delve into many important parts of the solutions.

Builder interview - Ryan Craver, SVP at Lamour Group and Hudson's Bay

In this interview I spoke with Ryan Craver, a retail executive with deep insight into the different parts of retail - from finance, merchandising, marketing, store operation, digital, supply chain and private label. I highly recommend listening to this fascinating discussion.

Builder Interview - Fred Skoler of ShopYourWay on how to use gamification and rewards in retail.

In this Retailer discussion with Fred Skoler I learned a lot about how the awards and gamification aspects of e-commerce are being used by retailers such as Shop Your Way, a unit of Sears Holdings to improve loyalty and ultimately revenues.

What is Analytics as a Service? Interview with Tim Falls from

In this interview I spoke with Tim Falls VP of community at a company changing how companies manage the data and presentation side of their all too important analytics.

Interview with SmarterHQ - a B2C Contextual Marketing Engine

In this interview I spoke with Michael Osbourne from SmarterHQ - a marketing optimization company. We discussed topics such as High Value Disengaging Segments and Attrition Risk Flags and many more key aspects on how today's successful B2C marketing processes work.

Interview with Romney Evans of True Fit on how fitting apparel and footware can work better for online shoppers

While attending the 2016 conference in Dallas I had a chance to sit down with Romney Evans, co-founder of True Fit a Retail Tech company focused on enabling retailers to provide tools to consumers for finding better fit and styles when shopping for apparel and footwear online.

Interview with Shopkick on how to make in-store coupons work

In this interview at 2016 I spoke with Coco Jones and Mariam Dombrovskaja from Shopkick.

Interview with Salesfloor on the future or retail sales associates

In this interview I spoke with Anthony Mack, VP sales at Salesfloor a company working on solutions to help retail sales associates be more profitable from the store.

Interview with Brian Field from ShopperTrack on in-store optimization technologies

In this interview I spoke with Brian Field, Senior Director of Advisory Services at ShopperTrak.

Interview with Lawrence Whittle of Persado on Machine-Powered Content Creation

In this interview I spoke with Lawrence Whittle, Chief Revenue Officer at Persado about how they help retailers maximize content effectiveness while reducing the time and effort needed to create the content.

How IBM's Watson is helping retailers understand their customers better

In this interview I spoke with IBM VP of commerce products Steven Mello about how Watson is proving the cognitive intelligence needed to understand their customers better.

Interview with Stefan Weitz CPO of Radial, the omni-channel fulfillment company

In this Interview at the 2016 in Dallas I spoke with Stefan Weitz, Chief Product and Strategy Officer of Radial, the omni-channel fulfillment company. Listen as we discuss the history of the company and the range or products and services they provide to some of the top retailers.

Interview with RichRelevance on the new search tool launch

In this interview at 2016 I spoke with RichRelevance CMO Diane Kegley and and Director of product marketing for the new search tool Jolie Katz.

How Abobe is extending it's reach in Commerce with Magento partnership

In this interview I spoke with Errol Denger Director of Commerce at Adobe about the new partnership with Magento, the open source ecommerce platform, formerly owned by eBay.

Why retail and ecommerce startups should attend the OnRamp Retail Conference

Listen as I speak with Troy Vosseller, co-founder of startup accelerator Gener8tor about their retail-focused conference OnRamp taking place on October 11, 2016 at the Chicago Soldier Field stadium. The benefits for attending are numerous and you can save $100 now using the code RETAILTECH100.

Interview with Qubit CEO Graham Cooke on delivering unique customer experiences.

In this episode I speak with Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit which provides a digital experience hub to integrate analytics, data and experience management called the Visitor Cloud.

The American Retail Value Proposition - interview with professor and author Kyle Murray.

In this interview I speak with Professor Kyle Murray, director of the School of Retailing at the University of Alberta in Canada about his new book "The American Retail Value Proposition". It was a fascinating conversation and I learned a lot of valuable information about how retail works and full of gold nuggets of valuable information for retailers and the industry pros alike.

What is the potential of AR and VR in Retail, interview with Marxent CEO Beck Besecker

In this interview I speak with Beck Besecker, CEO of Marxent whose product VisualCommerce is the virtual products platform, designed to empower retailers and manufacturers with next-generation Augmented and Virtual Reality visualization tools.

Big Data in Retail - interview with Manish Sood CEO of Reltio

In this episode I spoke with Manish Sood, CEO of Big Data platform company Reltio which helps Retailers understand customer needs as they evaluate, compare or buy products in today's multi-channel retail world. A true Omni-channel structure required integrated support for marketing, sales and service activities require uniform and complete customer understanding throughout the consumer journey.

Interview with Richard Li, CEO of Datawire on Microservices

In continuing our coverage of Microservices I had a chance to speak with Richard Li, CEO of Datawire and how they are helping the MSA (Microservices Architecture) practice move forward. The episode was very interesting as we see the birth of a new "system" take shape and how Microservices can be a major competitive tool for Retailers, online and omni-channel both.

Retail Recruiting Technologies for the Millenial Generation - Interview with Apploi

In this episode I had a discussion with Adam Lewis, CEO of Apploi a NYC startup with products in the recruiting space. The legacy Applicant Processing Systems are not being used by the retail applicant crowd who are mainly the Millennials on mobile. What can and should retailers do to optimize their recruiting and interview process to keep up with the tools their employees are using?

Zipkick CEO Jason Will on Review Authenticity and Credibility

In this episode I spoke with Jason Will, CEO of Zipkick an app that lets experts in food and hospitality distribute their reviews of venues to audiences of consumers and what they have learned building a core of authentic experts in major cities in the US and internationally.

Interview with Smart Atoms on Retail Digital Signage in the age of Social

In this interview with Nazar Bilous, CEO of Smart Atoms, a UK-based technology startup we discuss how their product, LaMetric Time helps engage in-store shoppers for better conversion and other benefits. "Scroll down for discount code."

Interview with Dynamic Yield CEO on how they address Personalization in the new age of retail.

Personalization is a key part of any e-commerce experience and with a range of different services and continuous innovation it is important to have a solid understanding of what is possible technically and how these technical solutions need to be used by the internal teams. Listen as I speak with Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield on how they help retailers and e-commerce brands optimize the offers and experiences to today's consumer.

What is Predictive Marketing and how it can help Retailers

If you're in charge of marketing, it seems like your job is becoming more complex and time-consuming every day. With all the old and new media, social channels, mobile, SMS and everything in between, it's overwhelming to make sense and organize everything into manageable pieces. That's what Customer Marketing Cloud company Optimove aims to help you with. Listen as I talk with Amit Bivas, Director of Marketing, on what the company does to help retailers transform their focus on the customer experience into measurable business success.

From Crowdfunding to Crowd Commerce - the Indiegogo, Celery partnership

Indiegogo is one of the pioneers of the Crowdfunding movement and after 8 years of helping companies launch new products on their platform they are using the experience helping customers move into full-fledged commerce experiences as part of a new partnership with pre-order commerce platform Celery.

How financing options work in e-commerce and retail - interview with Keith Nealon of Vyze

In this interview I spoke with Keith Nealon, CEO of Vyze based in Austin, TX. Vyze is a technology company that delivers financing options for brands, in every channel and for different customer segments. We've seen the optional financing option appear on the checkout page on many website, let's find out how this actually works.

Interview with Craig Alberino, CEO of Grey Jean Technologies on AI-powered recommendations and the future of commerce personalization

I had the opportunity to sit with Craig Alberino, CEO of Grey Jean Technologies based in New York to discus what Genie, their flagship product does and how it helps retailers, both e-commerce and omni-channel. Grey Jean's AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) recommendation engine, Genie, provides highly accurate predictions of consumer purchase behavior based on transaction history, demographics, location, time, social media activity, preferences and behavior.

Interview with Dirk Hoerig, CEO of commercetools on Commerce-as-a-Service

I had a great interview while at Shoptalk 2016 with Dirk Hoerig, CEO of commercetools which is an enterprise e-commerce platform based in Germany and just expanding into USA. commercetools describes itself as a "Commerce-as-a-Service for growth-minded retailers and manufacturers". A key differentiator between commercetools and other commerce platforms is that through its API-first principle its highly flexible and a great fit for new e-commerce approaches such as microservices.

The Future is Today - Adobe's Retail Immersive Experience

The Adobe Immersive Retail Experience is a merger of hardware, software and services Adobe has created in collaboration with industry partners. In this interview with Michael Klein, Director Industry Strategy - Retail, Travel & Hospitality at Adobe Systems we discuss in depth what the new retail experience is all about and many insightful points from what Adobe is seeing in the marketplace working with retailers.

What are Microservices? A talk with Kelly Goetsch of Oracle.

In this episode we speak with Kelly Goetsch, Director of Microservices Platform at Oracle we dig deep into the concept and what it means for modern software organizations.

Interview with CTO of Coin on the future of mobile payments.

In this interview we speak with Karthik, the CTO of Coin we go deep into what Coin is and how it helps facilitate mobile payments and transactions, specially on the consumer side. Mobile payments is a space where even if you, as a retailers are not directly delivering the payment method to the shopper you need to know what is going on so you can take advantage of what consumers are using and "be where the puck is going" instead of always running after the puck and rarely catching it.

CES 2016 Retail tech overview

In January we visited CES 2016 in Las Vegas looking for retail-related products that are making their way to the consumer world. The idea is that in order to stay current retailers need to know what consumers are using in their life (Wayne Gretzky's "go where the puck is going") so even though CES is not a retail trade conference I believe it is a good place to get a look ahead of what the rest of the field is looking at.

How to use SMS technology in retail stores

From marketing to customer service to chat commerce, SMS and messaging is becoming a useful feature for retailers to help engage with customers and develop a new sales channel. Listen as we discuss how one startup has been working on providing an SMS solution to retailers.

Using iBeacons in Retail

iBeacon and Beacon technology has gained momentum in the past couple of years with a number of applications in retail. In thi episode we discuss the concept, some sample applications and implementation points for retailers interested in learning more.

What is an Order Management System (OMS)

The Order Management System (OMS) is like the heart of a retail technology system, specially for omni-channel retailers. The OMS manages and coordinates all the relevant information and activities required to offer, sell and service products sold by a retailer.

Future-proof your retail store technology with APIs.

The Application Programming Interface (API) is the back end service that makes the new generation of retail technologies work together to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience to customers. If you are a retailer this should be top of mind as you plan and implement ways to make your store and your employees as efficient and effective as possible.

What is an mPOS??

mPOS or mobile Point of Sale systems are the evolution of the cash register. Smarter, more reliable, faster and user friendly the new POS systems run on mobile devices including smart phones and tablets in a large variety of retail verticals. We start to discuss some of the important points for finding and implementing mobile POS systems in your retail tech store.