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What's new in Retail POS. Interview with Brad Tracy of HP

In this interview I spoke with Brad Tracy head or POS at HP as we discuss the new product release.

What's new in Retail POS.  Interview with Brad Tracy of HP


- Elite series is the new RPOS system from HP Retail.

- Reduce the footprint on the counter by embedding the printer into the stand.

- Is emailing receipts (e-receipts) a trend and how does HP make that work.

- What are the main components a retailer has to keep track of when purchasing a complete POS system

- Hardware, software and the payment rail.

- The payment landscape is highly fragmented, specially on a local level with hunders or thousands of companies working with local retailers.

- What's involved in Changing an existing POS system?

- Software is the key in how purchases are processed at the sale, hoew many clicks

- Three different way of organizing the group: by regions (NA, EMEA, etc.), segments (grocery, hospitality), size of the client (large, smb, amall).  

- The Elite POS is designed to reach across the gamot.

- Elite POS is designed to work with Microsoft software, as well as Linux.  HP also has other products that work with older OS's.

- Mobile POS options are also available, but why doesn't the Elite series have a mobile version?

- What security measures are included in the new Elite series?

- What is a self learning BIOS?

- Can Elite POS handle wirless payments?

- What is a semi-integrated payment system?

- What's the price point of the Elite POS?

- What's the future of Retail POS and how will the cashier-less or human-less store concepts change the industry? 


- To learn more see the HP Elite POS website and connect with Brad on Linked.


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