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What is Analytics as a Service? Interview with Tim Falls from

In this interview I spoke with Tim Falls VP of community at a company changing how companies manage the data and presentation side of their all too important analytics.

What is Analytics as a Service?  Interview with Tim Falls from

We're mostly familiar with outsourced website analytics, but do we also outsource our internal company data the same way?  Turns out there are several key benefits from companies doing that and there are services specifically designed for this service. is one of these companies and they have a laser focus on helping companies store and present key data about their business in a flexible and easy way anywhere they want.  By lifting some of the hardes parts of the work including storage, performance and scale as the data volume grows, they also provide an easy way for customers to get access to their data from API's.

Tim has been in integral of the tech community specially in high-scale, data-intensive services with a background from Techstars and Sendgrid and now putting his experience to work at Keen.  Listend to this great conversation as we discuss topics including:

- How to use and benefit from Big-Data without doing Big-Data so you can focus on your core business,

- Using API's to collect, analyze and visualize your data,

- Relationship and services beyond the implementation,

- The evolution of Keen PRO and how it's different from the developer version,