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Interview with SmarterHQ - a B2C Contextual Marketing Engine

In this interview I spoke with Michael Osbourne from SmarterHQ - a marketing optimization company. We discussed topics such as High Value Disengaging Segments and Attrition Risk Flags and many more key aspects on how today's successful B2C marketing processes work.

Interview with SmarterHQ - a B2C Contextual Marketing Engine

Listen to this episde as I speak with Michael about what SmarterHQ does and the following topics:

- What is a Contextual Marketing Engine.

- What are the predictive capabilities including identifying High Value customers which might be leaning towards attrition and how to prevent it.

- How they use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in processing information from over 70 sources.

- Is it important for customers to know the details around the "secret sauce" vendors use?

- What is a typical implementation cycle and what happens after that.

- The revenuw model and target customer segments (and working with startups)

- What is the "propensity-to-purchase" model.


You can find more information at the SmarterHQ website.

I hope you enjoy this episode and appreciate sharing it with friends and colleagues.