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How to optimize physical retail with In-store Analytics - Interview with RetailNext

In this interview at the NRF17 Retail's Big Show I spoke with Arun Nair, cofounder and CTO of RetailNext about in-store analytics and other factors of physical retail.

How to optimize physical retail with In-store Analytics - Interview with RetailNext

With the increasing challenges of getting shoppers to come into the store these days store owners need to make sure that any person that comes into their retail store has the best experience possible so they convert better, and come back again.  And if there is no sale in a visit the data captured (anonymously or opt-in) should be used to understand why.  In-store Analytics solutions from companies such as RetailNext do just this.

So when I met with Arun Nair at the NRF Big Show I had a lot of questions from what is the latest in technology for in-store optimization to the future of physical retail with automation and projects such as Amazon Go.  Listen to this informative podcast as we go thru these and the following topics.


- Making store more efficient:  layout, product placement, shopper experience

- Removing the Friction around retail

- Future of sales associates in the store

- The automated store / Amazon Go store

- Checkout is the first part of store to be fully automated / depends on product type

- In-store technologies: RFID, Computer Vision and Beacons need to be perfected for smooth, secure experience

- If the store exit is narrow will the line move from register to the exit?

- How do shoppers touch and try non-grocery products in an automated store

- Associating the product to the person / identified cart

- Privacy and opt-in data gathering

- Does it make sense for retailers to have their own apps? or work with aggregator apps.