Back to podcasts 2017 interview with Kelly Goetsch, CPO of commercetools on the API ecosystem and Serverless Commerce

In this interview at the 2017 conference podcast booth in Los Angeles, CA I spoke with Kelly Goetsch Chief Product Officer of commercetools about the Serverless Commerce concept, the API revolution in software and Microservices.  This episode is longer than my typical interviews but the topic is of utmost importance (perhaps the most important) in retail technologies so well deserving of the additional time. 2017 interview with Kelly Goetsch, CPO of commercetools on the API ecosystem and Serverless Commerce

What is Serverless commerce?  and what is Serverless software anyway?  Isnt' it the same as cloud-based software? and what's the significance to retailers.  These and some other bonus features such as Job prospects for people in retail tech and commerce make this conversation a goldmine of valuable information. 

If you're working in, or looking into any type of technology role (this includes pretty much everyone in retail!) you need to know where technology, specially software, is headed as you plan your career for the next 5 to 20 years. 

And if you are currently a retailer or an executive in a retail organization you can not avoid the critical role that technology will play in your life.

Of course this is all known and pretty much every newspaper is talking about it, the question is how does one actually find and select the right technology for a retail operation - small and large today.

This interview and what we discuss can save you a lot of time and money.  Yes, tough decisions have to be made but the difference is between being able to focus on building your brand with the right tech stack behind you or a continuous fight with the wrong technology. 

So listen and take notes, and of course let me know if anything we say is not according to your experience, I'd love to know what others are doing in retail tech.

Oh, and by the way Kelly is about to publish his third book, this one is all about API's and you can preorder from here and you can connect with him on Linkedin and checkout the work the commercetools team are doing.

You can find me on Linkedin as well and can follow the latest in retail tech on Twitter @RetailTechCast.