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Future-proof your retail store technology with APIs.

The Application Programming Interface (API) is the back end service that makes the new generation of retail technologies work together to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience to customers. If you are a retailer this should be top of mind as you plan and implement ways to make your store and your employees as efficient and effective as possible.

Future-proof your retail store technology with APIs.

Software is the heart and lifeblood of the future of retail. And if you own or manage retail stores one of your key activities today if figuring out what software is available for your store AND msaking sure you pick software that make it easier to keep up with the pace of change, which is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

One of the most important factors in ensuring you technology is able to keep up with the future is that it has robust API capabilities - both incoming and outgoing (more on this in future episodes).

APIs run the back-end of all modern software systems as as a wise person said why re-invent the wheel when you can build a better engine. APIs enable you to build on top of the work of others and provide an experience to your clients which is multiples of what you can do by yourself.

In this episode we discuss the most common retail APIs and what to look out for when your researching and planning your software selection.