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Big Data in Retail - interview with Manish Sood CEO of Reltio

In this episode I spoke with Manish Sood, CEO of Big Data platform company Reltio which helps Retailers understand customer needs as they evaluate, compare or buy products in today's multi-channel retail world. A true Omni-channel structure required integrated support for marketing, sales and service activities require uniform and complete customer understanding throughout the consumer journey.

Big Data in Retail - interview with Manish Sood CEO of Reltio


For retailers Data is powerful as an actual Intellectual property asset and a significant part of the overall enterprise value.  There are multiple companies and startups building services and tools to help retailers manage and use the mountains of data we capture from customers and vendors both online and offline.

One of the companies is Reltio which recently raised a $22 million round of funding to extend their growth based on a formula that’s delivering value for customers and promise for their business.  I had the opportunity to speak with Manich Sood the CEO of Reltio on how they help retailers.

Listen to the podcast to hear our discussion on:

- How Reltio helps retailers manage and use Data, - How they handle critical customer data and PII, - What is a typical implementation project for Reltio, - Which customer teams are the primary users and consumers of Reltio tools, - How does Reltio see the AI (Artificial Intelligence) impacting retail and their business, and

- What is next for Reltio.


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