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What are Microservices? A talk with Kelly Goetsch of Oracle.

In this episode we speak with Kelly Goetsch, Director of Microservices Platform at Oracle we dig deep into the concept and what it means for modern software organizations.

What are Microservices? A talk with Kelly Goetsch of Oracle.

Microservices are typically specific functions which are designed, created, delivered and supported, by one developer or a small, cross-functional team. These services are generally aligned by business function rather than technology. Instead of structuring teams under categories such as database, applications, middleware, etc, the teams may be structured as Accounting, and Finance comprising of members who are skilled in different technologies. - Services are thought of more as a product rather than a project.

The team that delivers a microservice does not simply turn it over to operations when it is deployed but rather that team continues to own and support that service through its lifecycle.

We also discuss: - Microservice Architecture (MSA), and The concept of Smart endpoints and dumb pipes.

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