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Do you know how your API's are performing? An interview with API Fortress

In this interview I spoke with Patrick Poulin CEO and founder of API Fortress where they help companies stay on top of their API's.

Do you know how your API's are performing? An interview with API Fortress

If you're working in any capacity in technology these days it would be hard to not hear about API's impacting your work in some form and in many cases be the main focus of your work.  API's drive today's ( and likely tomorrow's) software back bone in the way that hard integrations did in the past.

In fact since API's are so much easier to create and use the new software organization is fundamentally changing where external services are so much eariler to add to your system.

With this flexibility and power come several challenges in the form of quality and performance where your website or app is significantly dependent on the services it is connected to and if one or more of them go down or are slow your business can be impacted.

API Fortress handles testing and monitoring for APIs. Complete insight of API quality - performance, uptime, and accuracy. Get notified the moment flaws or vulnerabilities are found, and the platform facilitates the process of taking corrective action. All without writing any code.

Listen to this informative talk with Patrick as we discuss the challenges and opportunities for companies to use API's in running their businesses.

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