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Interview with Vantage and StitcherAds on How to Make Sense of Online and Offline Commerce Data to Facilitate Shopper Actions

In this interview at the shoptalk 2018 conference I spoke with two guests, Aran Hamilton, co-founder and president of Vantage and Conor Ryan co-founder and SVP of StitcherAds.  Both companies are helping omni-channel retailers use the massive amounts of data they capture and turn it into experiences to help shoppers within the retailers and brands' various touch points.

Interview with Line Tousignant Sr. Director Global Retail at Valtech on Waves of Change in Retail

In this interview I spoke with Line Tousignant from Valtech a digital design and implementation agency working with clients on multiple continents on what they see as the waves of change in how consumers interact and expect from retailers and how retailers are responding and adapting with the change.  In December of last year Valtech surveyed 500+ online shoppers across the United States. In addition, Valtech interviewed leading retailer 1-800-Flowers.com, along with industry experts, to deliver this comprehensive report.

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Omni-channel retailing is the present and future of retail.

Using a variety of channels (touch points) in a customer's shopping experience (journey) including research before a purchase (discovery), the actual means of sales and presentation to shoppers including physical (Bricks and Mortar) retail stores, online stores (website), mobile stores (mobile web), mobile app stores, telephone sales, catalogs or other methods of transacting with customers all the way to returns, warranty, full life-time engagement and loyalty.

Obviously Retail is an enormous industry with uncapped potential for all involved, including the shoppers.

The potentials also present major complexity and a rapid pace of change for management or retail businesses. Retailers are inundated with often overwhelming and confusing (sometimes contradictory) range and depth of offering from vendors, and the job of the senior management has grown by orders of complexity. The only constant is change itself! Based in Orange County, CA Retail Tech Podcast is a podcast for omni-channel retail store owners, managers and all involved in helping them be successful using technology.

We focus on the actual implementation side of retail tech and try to ask the right questions and identify some of the answers. Retail Tech Podcast (RTP) is produced and hosted by Darius Vasefi (www.linkedin.com/in/vasefi) serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Visional Commerce along with fellow retail startup founder Nathan Kolta as co-host and recording manager. Nathan's company iViP Mobile's Texting Service gives service & sales teams the ability to reach their customers, and contacts, with text messages, just like friends do. We hope you benefit from our discussions and look forward to hear your thoughts, questions and recommendations. We interview founders, CEOs, executives, experts, retailers and product innovators in all sides of the omni-channel and e-commerce retail business. If you would like to have your retail-related event covered or recommend an interview please use the contact form to get in touch.

Note: the views expressed on this page are Darius's own from his personal experience of working in the software and IT industry since 1993 as product builder, advisor, consultant, business owner and software architect and developer. The views expressed are not an endorsement of any specific vendor solution or product, unless specifically mentioned.

If you find any incorrect information or want to add something to the points I have made I welcome your constructive feedback, please use the Contact page to reach out



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