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On Social Management Platforms, Interview with Sprinklr at NRF17

In this interview at the NRF 2017 retail show I spoke with Josh Teitelman, AVP of Social Commerce Solutions, Sprinklr on enterprise social management and engagement.

On Social Management Platforms, Interview with Sprinklr at NRF17


Social channels are where consumers do most of the engagement with each other today, and of course they expect brands to do the same with them.  So how do large enterprise brands manage all the different channels as well as the data from their commerce channels such as the website and apps into one, all-encompassing place so the right engagement decisions can be made?  This is what companies such as Sprinklr are working on and the reach and range of services makes a big difference for the brands.

Josh is in charge of the Social Commerce Solutions group at Sprinklr which is a relatively new (but growing fast) group focused on merging the social and commerce-related data in providing a more complete solution to customers.  We discussed the need for brands to provide a "human touch" to their engagement and experience channels with consumers.

Sprinklr also has a group called Visual Commerce which focuses more on the visual aspect of the engagement with products such as Shoppable Galleries.

There is also a shelf-level display solution in the works which they plan to display at SXSW later this year.

In one of the customer cases Sprinkr is helping Michael Kors provide a different way of engagement with shoppers by adding product information to User Generated Content (UGC) on the website.

Also some predictions from Josh on the future of the retail store which are definitely worth listening to.

And for more info here's a video of CEO Ragy Thomas speaking with Jim Kramer at Mad Money about Sprinklr and social engagement management:


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