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Why Trust Should Always Be The Beating Heart Of Retail

According to The Times, Richard Walker has admitted that eradicating the palm oil has proved to be too expensive. Iceland's motive, to bring more ethically sourced food to its customers, is to be applauded it now seems its own ethics are coming under scrutiny. In a study published today by nutritional research and discovery organization Spoon Guru, '99% of U.K. consumers believe retailers have a responsibility to be transparent about food ingredients, regardless of current legislation'. More than ever, consumers are far more educated and aware of the provenance of the products they buy. We care about the planet, we care about the use of plastic, we care about the environment, we care about the legacy we will leave for our children. In today's uncompromising retail world, the need for transparency and openness should always override the corporate bottom line. By 31 December 2018 we had ended the use of palm oil as an ingredient in all our own label food. Read more