What 13 Years and 200 <b>Retail</b> Store Launches Have Taught Tory Burch About Leadership | RetailTechPodcast

What 13 Years and 200 Retail Store Launches Have Taught Tory Burch About Leadership

Tory Burch, the founder and CEO of the billion-dollar brand of the same name, designed her company around purpose, social responsibility and women's empowerment. Along the way, Burch has used her wealth to bring her idea of casual high-end attire to life with the help of design experts such as Vince Camuto, and Roger Farah, Ralph Lauren's former COO and president, to serve as co-CEO. Here is what the iconic fashion designer has learned along her journey that may help other entrepreneurs along theirs. Burch has admitted that her greatest struggle, as a private person, was thrusting herself into the public eye, to get her vision in front of the right people. With no business background or experience, Burch took to the phone cold-calling people from her kitchen table to secure buy-in and eventually grow to thousands of customers. Burch has used her voice to build and expand her brand through launching initiatives, campaigns, summits and programs, touching people globally. Burch received more criticism than support when she announced she wanted to open a retail store. After 13 years and more than 200 retail store launches, Burch learned the power of embracing her ambition, using her voice as a platform to empower other women and remaining true to herself. Read more