Snapshot 2019: The State Of AI In <b>Retail</b> | RetailTechPodcast

Snapshot 2019: The State Of AI In Retail

It's clear that retail lags behind only financial services in terms of being at the forefront of AI investment - AI startups that are focused on retail racked up more than 2x the market value as all the rest of startups focused on retail combined. What does "AI" really mean when it comes to startups, or capabilities, or even specifically retail applications? When you look at the different types of AI out there, it becomes clear that not all AI is equal. Most of the activity in AI in retail is focused on NLP and computer vision - not on the much harder problem of forecasting. This isn't really a criticism of AI, but it's important to note that where AI is getting applied are relatively "Easy" problems to solve, compared to all the problems in retail. Almost every AI application is like that, at least in retail. Ethical Dangers for Retail AI. AI developers and researchers are grappling with how to make AI ethical - how to expose the hidden assumption about the world that humans have that are so ingrained that we don't think about them until it's too late. The hype around AI does not match the reality of what's actually going on in retail. Read more