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Alibaba Business School invites applications for eFounders Fellowship

Alibaba Group has announced that it is now taking applications for its eFounder Fellowship program from developing countries including Pakistan. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and Alibaba Business School are inviting applications for eFounder Fellowship program to create and empower 1000 platform builders from developing countries who can leverage Alibaba's experience in China. The eFounders Fellowship is a two-week long course for entrepreneurs in developing countries who are running open, platform-based businesses in the e-commerce, logistics, big data, and tourism spaces. Participating entrepreneurs will be given the tools to improve their own startups and businesses, but as 'New Economy' pioneers participants will be expected to introduce new ways and ideas to approach to commerce in their own markets. UNCTAD and Alibaba believe these entrepreneurs can spread powerful new ideas around the world by creating impactful communities and empowering their fellows. The program will be scheduled from 9th - 23rd November at Alibaba Xixi campus - Hangzhou, China. Once in China, the Alibaba Group will arrange lodging and transportation during the course. Read more