5 Ways to Help Retailers Raise Their Store IQ in 2019 | RetailTechPodcast

5 Ways to Help Retailers Raise Their Store IQ in 2019

How do you adopt an intelligent store strategy that incorporates modern consumer demands, associates, changing technology, and the store itself? Here are five practical ways merchants of any size can raise their store's IQ in 2019. A customer who sees an enticing new item on your website or Instagram page doesn't have to wait until they're at your store to purchase it. For a QSR merchant offering BOPIS, a customer who suddenly gets a craving for your food products won't have to go to the trouble of swinging by your store and waiting for their purchases. Customers who pick up their orders in the store often end up buying more items once they get to the store. Think about all the data your receipt printer produces every day: detailed information about the products and services customers are buying as well as key data points about each customer such as day and time of purchase, purchase amount, the last four digits of their credit/debit card and much more. By using cloud-enabled printers, retailers can capture those valuable data streams and turn it into actionable information that leads to better loyalty programs; customized surveys, coupons and bundled sales offerings; and a variety of new services that increase customer engagement. Epson is dedicated to helping retailers develop more intelligent stores by delivering the latest technologies required to address changing customer behaviors. Read more