Why is your restaurant losing customers? | RetailTechPodcast

Why is your restaurant losing customers?

Ignoring these requests is a mistake, which may cause the restaurant to lose a consistent share of customers. This is often the case at a team event with colleagues or big family gatherings - it requires only one person to be vegan, and the restaurant may lose a group of 10 or more. A restaurant point of sale system can be convenient for that, for example, 'Lightspeed Restaurant' POS allows removing any item immediately. An environmentally aware customer base would instead choose a restaurant that cares about reducing food waste and carbon waste. 'Carbon free dining' is a great initiative, which plants trees on behalf of one's restaurant with every meal ordered, also offering a free restaurant point of sale system. The restaurant has a competitive advantage: it's time to tell everyone about it. Each restaurant is unique in its way and adapting is the first step to progress. Read more