Why <b>Amazon</b> is fighting for $15 | RetailTechPodcast

Why Amazon is fighting for $15

Amazon didn't just wake up one morning and decide to be nice. Well, as Derek Thompson observes, though surely all retailers would prefer to pay lower wages rather than higher, if everyone has to pay higher wages, Amazon probably wins, because "As the industry leader in robotic technology, Amazon could also 'afford' a higher labor price by shifting more warehousing and retail labor from humans to machines." Of course now, 10 years after the Great Recession, Walmart is still a big and successful company, but it's Amazon that's the big dog in retail and Walmart is in some ways scrambling to play catch-up. Swinging left while Facebook swings right Obviously, I assume one thing Amazon is hoping to get out of this is to reduce the pressure to subject the company to additional regulatory scrutiny. Lina Khan's fairly radical proposal to reshape the foundations of American antitrust doctrine has made a ton of intellectual headway over the past three years, and getting people to think, "Actually, Amazon is good," is an obvious step toward countering that. What's interesting is that Amazon clearly perceives this political threat to come from the left even though the right currently monopolizes political power in the United States. Amazon's bet is essentially that Republicans will appoint pro-business ideologues to regulatory agencies and the federal judiciary no matter what, so corporate America is basically golden with a GOP administration in power regardless of any particular company's public image. Read more