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We've Created A Monster: Retail's Growing Returns Problem

At the beginning of the year I published "A Baker's Dozen Of Provocative Retail Predictions For 2018." In No. 11, I opined that the industry's problem with returns would soon start to get the attention it deserves. For awhile now I have seen the growing rate of costly product returns as a ticking time bomb-particularly as e-commerce garners greater share. As we've gone through this year, stories of retailers tightening their return policies, tracking "Serial" returners and going after returns fraud have become more common. Earlier this month, Axios joined in the chorus, calling attention to the problem of e-commerce returns in particular. At some level, returns and exchanges are simply an inherent part of the retail business. Many retailers have made significant progress on reducing returns due to product damage, shipping errors and the like. Taming the monster of returns that have nothing to do with delivery quality, and everything to do with intentional customer decisions, is far more vexing. Read more