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Study: VR, voice assistants aren't must-haves for shoppers

While in-home voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are gaining popularity, 65% of shoppers don't consider them important to the customer experience, according to Bazaarvoice's Shopper Experience Index. Consumers mostly prefer technologies that add convenience and remove friction from their shopping experience. As Bazaarvoice's survey indicates, VR technology isn't a game changer for many shoppers who browse product aisles or sort through clothing racks while shopping. The addition of VR displays that help shoppers who are already in stores virtually try on clothes likely doesn't add much value, as they can simply try on the real clothing in the dressing room and feel the product. While the survey suggests that many consumers don't see voice shopping as important, the market is forecast to grow as the technology evolves and consumers become more comfortable browsing and buying via voice. The three most common categories for voice shopping are groceries, entertainment and electronics, while clothing ranks fourth. Retailers must become familiar with the technologies and platforms their customers use most frequently to shop and focus on adding value to shoppers' experiences and removing friction from the transaction process. Read more