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Quip-Target partnership points to a new type of retail arrangement

Quip is the latest direct-to-consumer company to start selling its goods at Target, joining Harry's razors, Casper mattresses and Native deodorant. Quip is selling starter kits for $25 at all 1,800 Target stores and Target.com, but if people want to buy refill brushes, they have to buy them from Quip's site. The approach, said Simon Enever, Quip founder and CEO, is meant to help the company scale but still keep customers coming back to Quip's own site. As a subscription service, Quip profits as long as its customers reorder brush refills. Quip doesn't share how many subscribers it has, but claims nearly 100 percent of people who purchase a Quip toothbrush will subscribe for refills. There's a redeemable code on all starter kits for a free refill, which Quip can use to see which customers buy from Target and then subscribe from Quip's website. "Target obviously recognizes that their in-store retail and online audience is in line with the profile of Quip customers," said Jim Fosina, CEO of consultancy Fosina Marketing Group. Read more