Many <b>Retailers</b> Still Need A "Chief Silo-busting Officer." | RetailTechPodcast

Many Retailers Still Need A "Chief Silo-busting Officer."

It's why, as one of my 7 Steps to Remarkable Retail, I encourage brands to design and execute a "Harmonized" shopping experience. Harmonized retail requires the important aspects of the customer's journey to sing beautifully together, regardless of touchpoint or channel, completely devoid of discordant notes. Unfortunately many retailers have not even gotten all that far, as this recent eMarketer report illuminates. Most brick and mortar dominant retailers have developed intensely product-centric cultures where the merchandise is king. As others have pointed out, digitally-native brands that have moved into physical retail have largely avoided the silo issue, and therefore are often perceived as having an advantage over legacy retailers. Now it's true that plenty of retailers have put senior executives in charge of "Omni-channel." Others have named chief digital, chief customer or chief experience officers. The fact is that to survive, much less thrive, under-performing retailers need a "Chief silo-busting officer." And until the CEO sees that as his or her job, fully supported by the Board, all the talk about omni-channel, customer-centricity or a seamless shopping experience is really just that. Read more