Lululemon athletica: The intersection of business and technology

Technology is integral to any business decision and the IT department is no longer merely the service department of a business. An effective CTO is well-versed in the business process; the two fields have become as intertwined as ever. "It's a partnership now where we are all driving the business," Averill says. When she started out, Averill wasn't thinking of studying computer science or a career in tech even though she loved computers. "The idea of a degree in computer science was just so foreign," she says, "Because I didn't know any women in computer science." Times have changed, yet there's still much to be done: Averill says she would start by educating students about technology and the opportunities the field offers for a career. Listen to the episode for more on how lululemon athletica is implementing technology for business growth. Also check out why computer science grads should consider a career in retail just as much as in Silicon Valley. Read more