Interview with b8ta founder and president Phillip Raub on building the platform for the future of retail

I spoke with Phillip Raub, founder and president of b8ta, the startup that's building a platform to build modern physical retail experiences on top of. b8ta has shown that the traditional mold of what a retail experience was can be broken and re-constructed successfully, and now some of the largest traditional retailers are joining them. b8ta is changing retail while the rest of the industry tries to figure out how to create compelling experience in physical stores that resonate with today's consumer! This is the power of startups and innovation from outside the industry and it is creating a growing movement that some of the largest traditional retailers such as Lowes and Macy's are joining. Phil is one of the founders of b8ta who came from Nest and is not leaving any assumptions unchallenged! Some of the topics we touched on in this conversation were: - The concept of Retail-as-a-Service and a physical store platform, - where in the lifecycles of new brands (and makers) b8ta comes into the action, - Where revenues come from in this new model and the benefits to the brands. - The three main areas b8ta uses technology - The "build by b8ta" program, and - working with other retailers such as Lowes. Read more