How Working in <b>Retail</b> Made Me Hate Humanity | RetailTechPodcast

How Working in Retail Made Me Hate Humanity

I recently caught up with two former colleagues-who now hate humanity as much as I do-so we could share our worst experiences working in retail. My names isn't Juli-I had to sign a confidentiality agreement back when I worked for these horrible hellholes. The woman took one of the shirts hanging over her arm, cleaned the kid's face off, and just held it out to me. An elderly lady from the back of the line then yelled at me; she was angry that I was leaving. I had such a sore back and was really looking forward to getting out of there. Juli: The fire alarm went off, so we had to quickly clear out the store. She got angry when I politely pointed out that there's no way the outfit was made with a cigarette burn hole. Read more