How American Girl, T-Mobile And Hershey's Designed New Experiences In <b>Retail</b> | RetailTechPodcast

How American Girl, T-Mobile And Hershey's Designed New Experiences In Retail

"Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's. really how it works." Admittedly, Jobs was talking about designing computers and other high-tech products. Is retail design about how the spaces look? How well they sell? How many people walk in the door? To help unravel that question, Mike Ruehlman, director of design with FRCH Design Worldwide, a global hospitality and retail design firm, says retail design is all about engaging the customer using the many touchpoints that architects, interior and graphics designers have in their tool box. The new American Girl Rockefeller Plaza store is designed to delight with age-appropriate luxury for little girls and their dolls. "We designed experiences that engage guests before, during and after their day in the store, using technology and in-store experiences. Guests typically spend 4 hours or more there. We want to give girls an experience they have always dreamed about," Ruehlman says. "Technology was designed to be part and parcel of the whole American Girl experience," Ruehlman explains, which only is appropriate today as even kindergarteners are taught on computers. I applaud American Girl, T-Mobile and Hershey's retail creativity, but call on other retailers to imagine how thinking bigger, bolder and more creatively in the design of their stores could engage all their shoppers, not just the ones in New York City or visiting there. Read more