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Google Loses Walmart In eCommerce Bid vs. Amazon

According to recent news on the eCommerce front, Google has lost a friend, seemingly, in at least part of its ongoing eCommerce battle against Amazon. Bloomberg reports that Walmart has "Quietly" left one of Google's key efforts against Amazon, having removed products from the latter's Shopping Actions website, and also left Google Express, a delivery service. As reported on, Google has confirmed to users that Walmart products are no longer available through Google Express. Walmart, of course, is the largest retailer in the world, and so this is a competitive loss for Google, as Walmart is also one of the biggest Amazon competitors, eyeing delivery and an expanded online presence. Noted the newswire, a greater eCommerce presence for Walmart means the retailer may need to rely less on Google for that digitally-driven, omnichannel capability. "Walmart and Google remain committed to our strategic partnership," a Walmart representative said in an emailed statement. The two companies also said that Walmart will continue to work on plans to build software that works with Google's voice offerings, and that the retailer remains a strategic partner for Google, including with Google ads. Read more