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Does Amazon have new Alexa hardware on the way?

Last September, Amazon unveiled its second-gen Echo smart speaker along with a gaggle of other new Alexa gadgets, including the Echo Spot touchscreen alarm clock and Echo Plus smart home hub. At $50, the second-gen Echo Dot is Amazon's best-selling Alexa gadget, and that makes it the most important piece of the Alexa lineup. My question: If a new Echo Dot really is coming soon, can Amazon get the cost down any lower than $50? Chance we see it in September: 80 percent. With lots of battery-powered competition from third-party Alexa gadgets not made by Amazon, as well as popular portability docks for the Echo Dot, Amazon might simply be sunsetting the speaker, but I also think there's a chance that a new version is on the way. All projections aside, the odds are good that if Amazon does have something planned for Alexa in September, it'll include at least a surprise or two. In addition to the possibility of seeing new Alexa accessories like those, I'm curious to see whether Amazon has any new plans for the Ring Video Doorbell or the new Ring Alarm Security Kit, which still doesn't work with Alexa in spite of the fact that Amazon bought Ring this past February. Amazon doesn't comment on speculation about new products, but we'll know soon enough whether or not to expect a big Alexa update next month. Read more