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CES 2019: The biggest innovations for retail

Here are the innovations due to have the largest impact on the retail industry and the way we shop this year. Smaller tech companies offering open source smart assistants not dominated by the big companies are also expected to play a large part this year, offering innovations like proximity activation and platforms especially designed for use when driving. The continuing adoption of smart speakers has become huge business for retailers and tech companies alike, with Amazon boasting "Tens of million" of sales of its Echo devices last year. Driverless delivery has become a major focus for retailers in recent years, with innovators like JD.com leading the way in autonomous drone delivery. The next generation of smartphone technology is huge news for retail. Not only are combined manufacturers and retailers like Apple and Samsung's performances so closely tied to smartphone sales, but scores of third-party retailers also largely depend on them. For all the latest retail technology news, make sure to visit Retail Gazette's new publication chaRGed.com launching in the coming weeks. Read more