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Apple will reportedly woo India with deals, new stores, and fixed apps

Though Apple has pushed smartphone prices higher in recent years, notably touting the international success of the $999 iPhone X, the average Indian customer's phone budget is around $150. Entry-level Android phones are being offered at or below that price, but iPhones are not: Even the aging iPhone SE sells for around $300 in India. According to the report, Apple executives have decided to address that challenge in part by improving the Indian retail experience: Third-party retailers will offer customers more aggressive, constant iPhone deals; improved product displays; and better training on using their devices. Apple also plans to open its own stores in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and New Delhi. As contrasted with most countries, where Apple can control pricing, the Indian market has unique issues. To reduce the impact of protectionist tariffs implemented by the Indian government over the past two years, Apple has increased manufacturing in India, and now produces iPhone SE and iPhone 6s devices at local factories. The company will need to add Siri support for local languages, Apple Pay support within India, and India-specific guidance for Apple Maps - all issues that have already been tackled by rival alternatives from Google, Amazon, and Facebook. As of the moment, Apple hasn't made specific promises to India on any of those fronts, but it has committed to wholly redeveloping its Maps offering across the world. Read more